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ZEN Pinball ScreenshotI am a big fan of pinball games in real pinball tables can not in bars and nightclubs in the electronic version on the PC and console. I hate the idea of ​​the countless hours I spent in college in Pinball Construction set on my Atari 800 instead of my homework. And in the last five years, Zen Studios was always the heir of pinball with the console versions of Pinball and Pinball FX Zen impressive and, more recently, an impressive version of IOS, which can easily be the best game of pool, you can to play your iPhone.

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ZEN Pinball ScreenshotZen Studios is now under his pinball game for the Nintendo 3DS with the ZEN Pinball 3D, brings a new perspective on some classic paintings. As a relatively new owner of 3DS was really excited when I got this game coming to the Nintendo Store, but also surprised that he is released as a retail one. On the other hand, if you look at the business model look like Zen Pinball, it is with the base game and pool tables drip in the way of digital distribution addictive, so it makes sense perfectly.

ZEN Pinball ScreenshotZen Pinball 3D comes with four classic tables that fans of the series probably very familiar with, Excalibur, El Dorado, Shaman and defend the Earth. Note that this is the first Shaman and El Dorado were thrown from the PlayStation Network. Each table has a very clear / premise and destroy foreign invaders or a lost treasure to find, but the plots are a bit thin to the essential core of the flipper, which is to keep the ball alive as long as you can earn by sequestering maximum points multipliers.


ZEN Pinball ScreenshotThere are some nice features in 3DS, but not entirely unique, they are still amazing for the handheld. Hot-seat local multiplayer, you can compete with the system from a friend at the local competition and online leaderboards and rankings table so that they move or at least share, the scores with your friends. In addition, players will compete for the highest score achieved each ranking: the sum of the highest score by a player at each table, and a team score: the sum of the score of a player and scores of friends. Zen Studios also includes prices for the game and special missions of the table, like Achievements and Trophies of console.


ZEN Pinball ScreenshotTherefore, Zen Pinball 3D brings the tables and functions, but we all know who is here for the 3D and unfortunately that's where this game HEELS! The 3D effect is pretty impressive in the opening logo, and each screen configuration table, but once you get into things of real games get blurry mess to get. There are eight views of a table can go with the X button, but no view and position the cursor on any 3D effect would be satisfactory.


ZEN Pinball ScreenshotThere are lots of ghosts and the 3D effect is permanently lost and must be, because these holographic images are taken at the mall.The game may sometimes surprising, but these are usually rare moments when the ball or the camera does not move, but then you do not play well. The best 3D effect will be playing in at the furthest from top to bottom, the small, so that it is impossible, and make the closest view of the ground behind the fins, but the pans and zooms on the screen tracking, the to lose the ball around the 3D effect in each transition. Ultimately, the best way to play Zen Pinball 3D from the 3D effect, but you must ask yourself is: "Why Bother"


There are other problems that arise out of the game that are quite unique in the 3DS. First, these boards are so complex and detailed, and the 3DS screen is so small that you can not see what it shows about half the time. To see only the lower third of the table, so that every opportunity to reach a goal or a ramp is not pure luck and a little intuition pace. When to approach you, so you can see all sides of the table is clearly still looking through a picture window that zips around quickly, trying to find the silver bullet. This is a slow-motion option, can you, with you slow things down with the Y button, but it does not really change the speed during the game and can not be used in hot seat mode.


It is also interesting to note that when playing 3D, there is a significant time lag between the time of press / press the shoulder buttons as the flap in the real world. This forces you to build your own Amortization aware delay, so that the ball is not empty in half before attaching the fin. For me it means strike the keys, when the ball reaches the bottom of the funnel on each side. Even after several hours of gameplay is still very annoying to have done with this knowledge, and integrated play delay the overall experience. The reproduction in the pure 2D mode is the only way to ensure a fin in real time.

Zen Pinball 3D sometimes may seem surprising. There was a time when I wanted the ball with a flipper, or just before throwing the ball jumped on the table just off the screen and completely under water, but when things started, there was chaos ghostly me more headaches than joy. If you end up getting this game then filled with the 2D mode, which seems to stick very well, despite the 58-inch high-definition quality for a 3-inch screen.


The sound effects and music and even the occasional voiceover signature, made the trip from the console, 3DS, and it looks good. They were the maximum volume a little louder if you want to play with headphones did. It is very bright and airy, with a kind of virtual surround what happened. He is very energetic and very fresh.

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Zen Pinball 3D is a difficult game to recommend. For $ 7 are four tables that most fans of the series and has already played to death. It would have been nice to have at least one exclusive table 3DS to sweeten the pot, and I think that dozens of other existing consoles ready to be born there is no incentive to do something original for the computer laptop at this time. I hope that Marvel Pinball DLC is always possible. It can be fun to see these pop images in 3D for a few seconds, but the conclusion is that the game got pretty unplayable in 3D, this is for me the only real reason you want the game first. This is a good attempt Zen Studios, but the pinball tables, complex 3D gadgets and small screens just do not mix.

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