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Resident Evil: Revelations Torrent ScreenshotDuring the last decade, the Resident Evil series has changed significantly. Feeling the need to amend its franchise icon with modern games, Capcom has made some changes to the formula, the adjustment of items that have been made much of an update. But over time it became increasingly clear that Resident Evil has been changed in some way that the fans wanted. The franchise has the same concept that has made so popular in the first place. Gone is the idea of ​​survival horror is to try to overcome the great difficulties with few resources in terrible situations. Resident Evil Revelations try the series back to its roots, to restore a climate of terror that has crept in slowly, the old frankness. The search for the game to combine modern and classical heritage is usually possible to set new standards for the Nintendo 3DS, while struggling in some key respects.

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Resident Evil: Revelations Torrent ScreenshotThe revelation is without doubt the best game of the research to date 3DS.In fact, it is difficult to see something that Capcom best efforts in the short term. Models incredible characters, drawings of creatures, the environmental effects and dramatic lighting to create an environment that some of the most memorable moments of the franchise. Stopping to admire some of the test graphics work almost as often as impressive on the line a shot or scan-room mysteries. That is to beat the game and deliberately designed to conquer your world is much softer visual reward.

Resident Evil: Revelations Torrent ScreenshotThe excellent graphics pay over and over again, especially in the game, which leads to a confrontation with the old and new horrors. Most of the game takes place in Queen Zenobia is a cruise ship may be the best scenario for a Resident Evil game on this side of the house Arklay. Brokers are abundant, dark, twisted and claustrophobic. In other words, the ideal environment for you are paranoid. Slowly edge around the corner, hit the reload button to ensure that their weapons are ready at any time. You should carefully consider, and each room to ensure that you are not left everything behind. They go backwards through a map to find a box with customizable weapons to ensure that your computer meets your needs and playing style

Resident Evil: Revelations Torrent ScreenshotThe sound design is not always enough, but estimated between great music and information in brilliant effects, it is worth mentioning.Capcom has the ability to play, to a soundtrack mastered in your case, sometimes completely isolated from the noise reduction in order for a player to concentrate on something really memorable. Everything from the howling of the wind in a twisted and bizarre desire of a man who has become clear, a monster ... everything is so perfectly executed that also contributes to this world and the bright graphics unforgettable. In fact, in some respects greater than the visual disturbances that are suffering from a certain rate of consistency.

Resident Evil: Revelations Torrent ScreenshotCapcom has once again zombies for the vase, a pale career, bio-organic weapons amorphous avoided like the undead in its ceaseless thirst for life. Although Limon move slowly than their cousins ​​in brain power, his ability, especially in circulation from the openings at any time, a new layer on the tension of the game. This often means a narrow corridor is safe as long as the road before you clear. But what if the path has just happened is, is suddenly insecure? You have not forgotten anything - a threat that if they did not want to have. The hook is brilliant, creating uncertainty, where there was none - a fantastic development of Resident Evil tradition.

Revelations do not hesitate, then your mood quickly.Blood oozes from the bars, the innocent are killed and eaten in front of your eyes, and the whole boat feels like a grave, a haunting shell designed to be an entertaining distraction from the pressures of real life. Add impressive boss fights, the scanner simply add Genesis, which rewards you for exploring the environment and focus on the conservation of resources, and you have one of the best and most authentic designed Resident Evil is always possible. All this is in this mobile adventure without feeling too archaic or too full, which is quite the achievement packaged.

What is this new series of true greatness is that he does not understand their strengths. The revelations were divided into small chapters. Achieve these steps are often the attention away from the cruise configuration, change the characters and the game also. Although these changes are refreshing at first, then get bored. They just did not work and has container sections. What was crazy exciting descent were put on a ship senseless shootings with dead dogs and hunters of reptiles. If you were the new scenarios of frustration is that more than half of the main characters are not very interesting game. In fact, some of them are just stupid and annoying.

It was not necessarily improve as you move along the apocalypse.The game is in your best when you do not know why things happen. You try to Hell gets a ship and finds his friend. As you play through the dozens of hours or so of the campaign, Capcom slowly the pieces with him, almost comical in its absurd concept forward. This is of course absurd, Resident Evil standards, a series so funny crazy real research that leads to keep everything organized in your head.

Control could be a problem for some. Capcom offers a variety of options to cater for different interests, but because of its classic design, the game plays better to stop with their loved and hated and shoot "tank-control." The balance that the archaic concept Strafing, Dodge, and a limited number of "moving target, and the" mechanic that allows you to go, while with the aim of your gun if you can keep your eyes on one point. Circle Pro support pad included, so that dual-stick control. Since the movement is concerned, this provision is much better. However, the particular sensitivity problems make the goal much more difficult. It was really sad to see such a perfect answer has one major flaw.

Then there is the problem of bird flu.For most games you have to help a computer-controlled allies to push the forces of evil.Trying some of the dangers of Resident Evil 5 is to avoid, not to deny your partner from their resources or the environment, critical ammo and herbs when you need it most. However, the advantage, with an odd design choice - your partner is no damage to enemies in any significant degree. The fact that the game is much more fear than the left is their own resources, only underlines the futility of their partner really is and how the poor in an election that was a first carry.

Capcom cooperative Thurs as left the table when it comes to the kernel of the history of the campaign is based. However, allowing a carefully designed raid two players locally or online, connect progress in various parts of the country, but a spin on the traditional formula. Rather than simply create the exact configuration of the story mode, the enemy attacks of different strengths and abilities, as the players in their attempt to simply get from point A to point B. Deleting a card bonus points, then against various weapons and items in a store can be redeemed.

Capcom 3DS pedometer allows the game won coins are exchanged, and scholarships Raid points for players who progress through the main story, shows the developer agrees to make a valuable contribution to make to the game.However, the mode is very convincing if you find a fast action game in the Resident Evil universe to play. Those who accept this principle, is a lot of depth here, especially as they acquire different weapons and spend time customizing them.

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Resident Evil Revelations is a great game of hand, which not only shifts the boundaries and rules of the Nintendo 3DS, but refers to the long-forgotten spirit of a typical franchise. Make no mistake about it, this is a complete adventure in Resident Evil, not to be diluted because it is portable. There is a small success. Regardless of their failure, the revelations will remain as one of the best entries in this series in mind and should be a warning to all developers, including Nintendo to be yourself - that's the kind of production value that we see in the 3DS.

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