Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent

Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent ScreenshotHarvest Moon is a long series of simulations in which the culture of a cute anime character in the operation of a farm was initiated to help people, and even get married and start a family. Your entries were suffered on this generation of portable game consoles, with few significant errors, questions of control of arms, or sometimes just a general lack of fun. As the newest DS and 3DS games, Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Cities, the rate? It is much better than its predecessor, it is.

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Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent ScreenshotAs usual in Harvest Moon, two cities opened with the main character (male or female) to ride into the city with the intention of starting a farm. This time the scene is a mountain with a village on both sides of it. Blue Bell is a city of European style, which focuses on livestock and style Konohana is a city in Asia, focusing primarily on plants. Although the two cities were friendly and connected by a tunnel, a fight between the two mayors of several generations ago caused the local harvest goddess launched an attack and seal off the tunnel. Well, continue to fight the mayor, and people have all the way up and down the mountain in order to visit each other.


Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent ScreenshotAs you can imagine, is the main goal of the game history of bringing people together to become a prosperous farmer and will help the mayor to be friends. In addition to the battle between the mayor, is a friendly rivalry between the nations. The inhabitants seem to have malice toward others, and some of them even send gifts to one another. But it's much more interesting than the story of the Harvest Moon barebones usual, and cities and mountains, offering a pleasant environment for the usual activities of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and attracts the right single and begging in the desert for edible treats.


Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent ScreenshotYes, all the core activities of Harvest Moon here. Players must decide which city to settle in the beginning of the game, but it still has large barns and Bluebell Konohana has more arable land, both cities are growing crops and livestock permit. The mountain is an important element in the game and is fun to run in an air-jumpers playground, inflatable mushrooms, mudslides, and even zip lines. There are places to fish by hand, the traditional fishing holes, bugs, wildlife, new friends and lots of nooks and crannies where you begin to pick mushrooms, herbs and flowers. Mines will open later in the game and is not as important as in other titles, but no break for rock fans. All these activities fill the day very well, but repairs to the tunnel, it can go a bit boring, all the way up the mountain to visit another city.


Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Cities Torrent ScreenshotAll these core agriculture, fisheries and food are relatively easy to make. Fortunately, there is no touch screen controls here, as needed Harvest Moon is much better suited to a movement of traditional Stick / Control Pad and button configuration. The game menus are well organized, the tools are easy to find and select it, and the ability to dig irrigation ditches irrigation makes farming a lot less boring than usual. The task of another Harvest Moon often boring, while cattle graze all day can take through the purchase of dogs and cats who learn quickly, care of animals, instead of being automated. The frustration I found the controls of the game is to dig trenches can be complicated and is easy to accidentally eat a food that laptop was designed to be given a villager on the spot to be.


By giving the villagers it is a good crop of them in two cities, and the developers have changed the numbers are usually found in the Harvest Moon games. For example, the physician is sexy and playful rather than solemn, and the local blacksmith, is a bit weird kind of obsessed with pandas. Simple, single-woo can have a beautiful visual design and all the people who call in their own way, the most remarkable personalities were reserved for the minor characters. Although the characters have a limited repertoire of words, what they say is good and does a good job of establishing their personalities. It is nice to have a list, in the limited number of characters that are to be just as "the guy who also loves to fish."


About once a week, and Blue Bell Konohana to compete in a cooking competition. The competition will offer appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts at any time. The competition is the major pathway that repairs the player of the relationship between the mayors of both cities, "said the player to select the desired type of food to cook each week. The biggest challenge is to get in competition with quality ingredients for livestock and crop fertilization. Even if the player creates a high-quality housing, but the other villagers in the street furniture, the competition results by cooking food to sabotage poor. The element of chance can be frustrating to the players noted that the friendship between the mayors in both directions. It is unfortunate that it could have an interesting challenge, this is a random event changes everything.


Progresses beyond cooking competitions and the usual holiday village (usually without complications), believes that a new bulletin-board application of the game. To publish the characters of these two cities applications on the local bulletin board. Compliance with these requirements of the networks, the player a reward and the growing friendship with the person of men. Unfortunately, the duties of the Board will require all contributions to an article by a person to be found in the village. Although people sometimes tell a story of people who receive the merchandise, recurring tasks, and on the same story over and over the long term may be old to hear. This application system has a long way to the height of the excellent system in Rune Factory game to go later, but at least it helps the players to achieve small goals and how to structure your game.


Stimulation are frequent topics of the Harvest Moon series, and there are some that haunt both cities. As the plants grow and animals and at a pace to improve comfort, is a stable growth of friendship between the player's character cold and the villagers. Also, when filling in a lot of requests and give gifts as signs every day, it takes some time before the players see an increase in the level of friendship. Make friends with wild animals in a moving even slower, and maybe even worth the trouble not because the only advantage that wild animals is to befriend a gift from them occasionally.


In addition to the issues of friendship, two cities, to try to get the game to give the necessary updates in the pace of the game instead of the player. New players do not realize the series, but I wonder how quickly veterans some tools like a hammer and an ax, or if he is able to start angling and improving his farm. The answer is that the game when new items to add to, and the player does not have access to many features written decision of the game, until a special notice on a bulletin board of the city. It is possible to plan for veterans of the series, which will be used to anticipate problems, to gather, for example, the materials needed are a frustrating upgrade tool. There is no way to know what is needed even for upgrades until an application is published, and usually there is no explanation of what the requirements are invisible must be met before the request to the top (if in fact there is no obligation on a rigid time directed. ) The mechanism of stimulation, by players who expand the gaming experience complete in a few years to be enjoyed, but not others, such as the degree of control on the progression in the game, which was taken from them.


At least the trip will be a pleasant appearance, with both cities, some of the most loyal, the most beautiful graphics that are found in a game of Harvest Moon. Both cities are carefully detailed and have a great uniform look. The mountain is huge and, again, all the details at a level not usually seen in the series. The 3D effect is subtle, but it looks good, especially the way the two-dimensional sprites appear before the backdrop for the dialogue with the characters. The game looks better is not in 3D than in 2D, but 2D graphics bad, either. Occasionally, a strange visual failure sprites do all games that seem to float above the ground, but it can quickly due to the rotation of the 3D effect all the way there and back can be fixed.


The sound of the game deserves more than one note. The music is safe and will change with the seasons, as it offers in all Harvest Moon games. The sound effects are what one would expect to have them. There is no speech in the game, what could be a relief, because the voice messages in these games are not always of the highest quality.


Although the 3D graphics are attractive, 3DS version of the tale of two cities suffer from a problem back in the game and then stops when the player moves from one screen to another. This is supported by the fact that the game can be saved only at night before bed, so every day that the game freezes completely reproduced to worse. This has happened only once per season, but it's still very frustrating when it does. Players who do not want to deal with this problem should consider, instead of the usual game DS version.

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Despite some complaints, and Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Cities is the crème de la crème when it comes to this generation of portable game Harvest Moon. This is a solid in the series with a solid cast and a beautiful setting. Harvest Moon fans should be pretty happy with the whole game and is an excellent choice for newcomers to the series. Although not quite achieve size due to some problems and issues stimulation technique in 3DS version that does not stop too many people having a good time with the game, fans of the series and was curious not hesitate to take it and try it out.

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