Star Fox 64 3D Torrent

Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotHard to believe 14 years have passed since Star Fox 64 landed on the Nintendo 64 Fast forward to today and the title race once more fame with his new version of 3ds own. But Star Fox 64 3D to match the original? In short - absolutely.

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Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotFor those who offer the series, Star Fox 64 3D is a flight simulation, shooter-adventure.You take control of Fox McCloud and through a series of memorable characters, you shoot your way through a series of frantic levels and ultimately save the Lylat system of evil Andross. Levels offer many challenges, want to experience with a couple of fights against bosses and mad hyper Strategic over and over again. If you have never played a Star Fox, now is the time to join the group rolling barrel.


Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotAs in the original, overwork of Star Fox 64 3D is a number of industries that open paths depending on the route you on every level, which partly explains how the story unfolds to take.However, 3DS version adds the ability to choose which of the available planets to go, they go to another, instead of forcing you connected to the planet by the way. This is a nice touch, and truly free, which no longer bound to their original decision.


Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotThe game controls very well and offers two main options for the players to choose from. You can decide for 3DS controls, which means using technology system gyroscopes, in addition to the circular platform to control (controlled Starfighter from Star Fox team) to the Arwing by tilting the system. This works surprisingly well, except that you disable 3D to avoid blur, all the time, if you are able (and willing) to return your body to move with the system. Although this option works well, frankly, prefer the traditional controls. The keyboard is the spot for quick movement and fluid, and it's great to have to take care not to ruin the 3D effect by moving the system.


Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotThe 3D graphics of Star Fox 64 was completely designed from scratch and are absolutely beautiful. The developers got rid create polyhedral shapes, corners and edges of the original, making full use of computer equipment to beautiful surroundings in great detail. The interaction of water and particles are particularly impressive, noting how the aesthetics of the game to capture the essence of the original, while at the same time to improve everything about them. The use of 3D is impressive. The additional depth is fantastic and it's pretty amazing, hurtling through space like meteors and lasers are obvious. No noticeable slowdown with 3D capability, so you can enjoy the bright graphics as possible, even with the 3D cursor all the way to the pumps.


Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotThe only drawback to this otherwise masterful remake is multiplayer in two halves.Of course, you offer your way through four different levels in a country-style combat with up to four players to high-quality entertainment. But if you fight against the computer is limited to only download games. Nice to see you play only one cartridge for four people together, but lack of online play against friends or strangers, feels like a big failure. However, in the heart of Star Fox 64 multiplayer always rested in the local game, this is a disappointing omission is not the biggest company in the world.


Star Fox 64 3D Torrent ScreenshotYou can either fight for a number of issues, fighting for a certain period of time, or trying to be the last aircraft to fly.Newly added power-ups - such as invisibility or temporary places of exchange with the player closest to - contribute to distraction, but you can disable if you want a more traditional experience. The same mode offers plenty of fun - laugh, you and your friends and other more or less time to start swearing, and the fact that you can see live video of his companions, as you blow the back (or whatever his kick) only still on the stupidity.

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This amazing new version of Star Fox 64 can beat the original, without the magic that made him so memorable to begin. It's a shame that the multiplayer mode does not support the line, because otherwise it is the perfect version of this classic. Even for those who played the original to death, is worth the price of $ 40 on a complete redesign of the classic Nintendo and all amendments (updated graphics, great new controls, etc.) see it's worth re-visiting. With fast action, exciting levels, memorable characters and lots of fun and laughter to benefit, a must for any owner of 3DS, and the main reason for the system for those who invest more on the fence.

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