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Pushmo ScreenshotIt was not until almost the end of his first calendar year, but Nintendo 3DS seems to finally bloom. The launch of Super Mario Land 3-D only a few weeks ago was the final application system at the front of the physical media required. Then the new firmware update was released this week onboard software has finally accelerates activation of the integrated long-promised features such as 3D video recording.

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Pushmo ScreenshotWhat about today? The trifecta complete - because in addition to providing real winners in the gaming equipment and embedded applications, Nintendo has finally given us a unique download-only title eShop is a must-Thurs Ladies and gentlemen, I give Pushmo.

Pushmo ScreenshotDeveloped by Intelligent Systems - the same brilliant minds most often known for his work on the Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario and franchises - WarioWare Pushmo is a quaint and beautiful, absolutely charming, and often tortuous little puzzle laptop. The game puts you in the shoes Mallo, happy to be a hero, rotund, which is responsible for the rescue of children, the interior unique pieces of play equipment for the Pushmo were caught. Each Pushmo is a stack of colored blocks, and Mallo must push, pull and jump through the upper part of each block in every game at the top where a child in a box waiting to be rescued reach.

Pushmo ScreenshotIt is immediately obvious that this game has been specially developed for the 3DS Pushmo because everyone in a way that the visual impact of the stereo system will be maximized. Mallo approaches stacking blocks on top of each level, and all are first flattened on the bottom. Then you take a block and drag it - the focus on one stage - and, of course, while "closer" to his face. You can then pull it back for a second line on, more recently, a third route, farther, and closer to you.

Pushmo ScreenshotIt's amazing, really should not look as impressive as they are not enemies flashy explosions or wild characters jumping on you - are just boxes. However, these images look brilliant in its simplicity stereoscopic. The color palette beautifully animated Thurs probably something to do with it, too, because this game world looks like things that dreams are made of a factory worker from Crayola.

Pushmo ScreenshotIn typical Nintendo, teaching the first stages of the mechanics of how all this pushing and pulling work. A manufacturer Pushmo wisened old father Blox teaches you the techniques you need to be successful - but not too much to master. The basic idea is that you keep the blocks and drag them into a sequence that builds to climb a fundamental step for you. Sometimes you have to take to pull an apple next to him, or change position to a block, to move without falling over the side.

However, pulling, pushing and jumping is all you really works - and it's amazing how a limited number of maneuvers, which can form the basis for hundreds of different puzzles. Even the simplest cell block future can be a real head scratching, and it feels really satisfying to finally get out and clear a level that was left perplexed. (In typical Nintendo has at no time be left. Can you skip one that is too heavy for you and come back later.)

Pushmo season over 250 puzzles by a number of additional game features, such as the power to turn back the clock to the last seconds of the value of several movements undo crowned as Catrap, Braid and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. You also get a reset button on every level just delete all the progress your and start from scratch if you want, and the later levels, the basic idea of ​​the structure by introducing a staircase mix staircase-shaped, and clogged the pipes - running a kind of like Mario Warp Pipe and jump forces reach various points on the stack of blocks, and appear elsewhere in the structure.

All these features add additional comfort and extend the time you will be held until the end Pushmo set a standard set of challenges, but really the additional function of winning states - the study Pushmo. Released when the first series of game levels clearly, mentoring is the studio where you can create your own levels. Then, even better, you can generate QR codes for your creations with friends in the room or over the Internet to share.

I can say that what is addictive, and certainly Pushmo communities are already forming in the Internet forums for the exchange of personnel throughout the world the best games of logic and / or newly created NES sprites. (This is an advantage, too, like this puzzle blocks naturally lend themselves to nostalgia for Nintendo - the company must recognize and that is done because of a familiar face or two from Mario on his quest to have the Mallo search.)

Pushmo is still selling? You have to - it's great. But even though the game is so good, so I found a small complaint.Not everyone Pushmo Passing ".

There would be additional efforts to pass the Nintendo Street or spot pass Pushmo to include support, but unfortunately does not make the cut. Street could pass functionality, let me share my favorite puzzles created with the day strange wireless would automatically pass or spot a new layer (or the selected community presentations) designer of Nintendo-made every day. The absence of these characteristics is unfortunate - but it's a minor complaint, really, and the dependence of QR codes should ensure that the level of the exchange process more personal feelings in the long run.

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Yes, the 3DS was a long time to regain your balance. 3DS virtual memory? But there is more. But the arrival Pushmo requires that all owners of new Nintendo handheld support and attention for the download store later, the company, because it is an absolute must, the killer application of the first part of the eShop has Thurs demand is there - and beyond can 3DS, then this certainly is the best downloadable game Nintendo has ever be offered in any format.

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