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Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotDead or Alive: Dimensions provided incredible cast of women, it is very easy, simply as a form of excitement, rather than dismiss a fighting game seriously. But in his appearance are buxom fast 3D battles to prevent the keyboard shortcuts for complex and flexible system from attack. This is a battle system that is easy to grasp, and offers plenty of depth. There are a number of exciting new ways to play through, all in a great visual benefit of the powerful hardware of the 3DS involved. While the dimensions of a story mode, which is difficult to penetrate than a copy of War and Peace, and the online game, the inside, not fun is embedded in order to fight in this game was fraught polished and exciting.

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Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotWhile most fighting games to their stories in their arcade modes, called other dimensions with an ambitious approach Chronicle.It tells the story of the first four tournaments of Dead or Alive by cut scenes prerendered engines and videos, divided into five separate sections and dotted with one-on-one battles. Trying to make sense of history is an almost impossible task to date. You are immersed in the worlds of the various characters, the jumps between scenes on companies, villains and mystic legends with little explanation.They would have thrown a conversation with a character at random in the battle to another. It does not help that parts of the story is deliberately left out, presumably to be filled in later chapters. Even if you reach the end of the story, but - with the voice acting ridiculous wood - you are not the smartest.

Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotWhat it lacks in narrative coherence, is the mode, a chronic tutorial seamlessly integrated. The first games are the foundation of the struggle for the display of controls that light up when you press the right buttons taught. The combat system is very easy to throw with only two buttons assault, plus one for the block and the other. Since there is no steering input complex to learn, easy to chain combos impressive that by switching between the two buttons and the attack on the left or right. Circle on the sidewalk or the d-padMême While this may seem a recipe for chaos on the button may be brewing, one meter deep and investment, to stop would-be destructive in their tracks. If your opponent hits of e-mails, are you able to grab the weapons center hole and throw them into the air, or if they are too happy in, you can get his legs and his body hit the ground. Good time is needed for investment, so it always possible to launch attacks, not just play defense. You can read your opponent and the identification of breaks in their attacks, launch tactical investments devastating combos followed by disadvantages.

Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotMore tactical options available if the dimensions of the many multi-level spaces, which are developed by a wide range of beautiful environments. They have problems in a garden full of flowers on a snowy mountain or in the depths of hell fire, you can get some stunning images. Losing the edges of most scenarios that your enemy with a combo strike at the right time to stop by, can not beautiful region to another level and health. This, together with combinations of dimensions of the rapids, investment and the ability to juggle enemies in the air, what a clever combat system is fast and flowing and has a tactical depth. If you are looking to improve their skills to have to take advantage of the system, a training mode lets you fight against a fictitious enemy AI, while a mask you can know if you press the right buttons. Also useful is a dynamic list of commands in the bottom of the screen in all modes. Shows various combinations and modifications of the function keys you sent up to date, making it easy to learn different movements.

Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotOnce you have completed the Chronicle, there are a lot of content to read. Arcade mode is divided into six different classes, the easier and more difficult to climb the most difficult split. Their goal is to finish in the shortest possible time to propose to the establishment of an online registry for others. The Survival mode is divided into rounds of increasing difficulty, with a growing number of battles to play. These begin in 10 starts to move all the way really to about 100 fighters in epic battles hard, a true test of strength and skill. If you are looking for something more difficult, however, is the Challenge label.


Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotThe difficulty is at its highest level since the beginning, athletes with quick reflexes and dexterity to perform the incredible combos.As the title suggests, the way you are not alone in their business opponents. You go into every fight with an AI partner, can be swapped places with the need to recharge your batteries when you are on the ropes. Unfortunately, the label switching mechanism somewhat uncertain, because the AI ​​partner is free to enter the fight at any time. While most of the time together only when you are low on health, it is sometimes possible to jump to a combination of the epic just for your partner randomly and ruin.

Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotInterestingly, there is no set of dimensions of the tag team multiplayer, so it is limited to the standards of one-on-one games.You can play over a LAN or Wi-Fi online, but unfortunately no download games for friends, without a copy of the game.Online play is a simple process, especially since there is very little in the way of options. You can choose to play with friends, each person within their region, or anyone in the world. Even if you stay at your own region, but online gambling can be very lazy, which makes the fighting in stuttering slide shows, which are more by luck and not the ability to win. There is little that you come back to the online multiplayer mode, because of the absence of even a simple scheme to monitor your progress or in tournament mode. If you are lucky enough to have to find players from other dimensions of his travels, his favorite activity is automatically sent to your 3DS Street Pass battle transmitted by you and vice versa. This feels like a bit more of the fight against the AI, however, especially since you do not win, to win the game.

Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotOther modes are much more generous with their prices, so that new costumes and characters. They also get avatars, you can see the pose and take pictures of 2D or 3D. The figures are based on characters that you play as, with favorites like Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, and for your needs that may arise, Hitomi is based.And like their counterparts in motion, they are great, with the same level of detail that the anime style that the series is famed. Moving gracefully moves between each fighter combos with the actions of liquids. As an investment property at the right time and releases, and with a panoramic view camera angles and bright explosions that make it even more satisfying treat.


Dead or Alive Dimensions ScreenshotThe dimensions also has well implemented 3D is pleasing to the eye. Every scene feels enormous, with details such as flowering trees, the fire engulfed the Dungeons and snow-capped mountain ranges that extend into the distance. Use of 3D has an adverse effect on frame rate, but a quick punch 60-30 frames per second. Because size is so fast and fluid, the loss in speed is considerable, so much that you often want to play with the 3D-off.

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Dead or Alive Dimensions Screenshot3D or not, is a fighting game with many dimensions content in research to explore. Its combat system offers a unique alternative and more accessible for the Super Street Fighter IV, while offering many advanced players to deepen. His limited experience online and that could deter impenetrable, after a crucial experience more fully, but the execution of combos at the right time and opponent is on the shelves of your destination so funny in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, you'll be too busy to care strikes.

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