Rayman Origins Torrent

Rayman Origins Torrent ScreenshotAstride a fine line between demand and forgiveness, Rayman Origins is a 2D platform game, which is rarely a debt of gratitude to the past, without overwhelming them. It is an incredible difficulty bubbling under the surface of this excellent lateral movement, but is complemented by a plethora of checkpoints resolutely modern and infinite lives, so their fate into their own hands. Combined with a view of art is always charming and just as beautiful absurdity, Rayman Origins is a game platform that gives you the ultimate reason to continue on, despite the problems you find.

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Rayman Origins Torrent ScreenshotRayman Origins is a living being, a tribute to the artistry of a 2D canvas. Each of the many landscapes of the game is full of rich, mystical hand-drawn details of the vegetation of the lush jungle of the snowfall flurrying Jibberish Pique. There is an almost eccentric variety on display here. A time for swimming under water through a deep concern, and the next to jump through a pot of molten lava industry in a hellish version of the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant. Whether in his own character, or the many other enemies you encounter are wonderfully impressive 2D animation fluid and a high kinetic energy in the last bit of movement.

Rayman Origins Torrent ScreenshotAnd it happens, this platform game with the idea of ​​the momentum players are firmly planted in the mind. Most of the ethical standards of the roads built to a fast pace with the rapid transformation (often degraded) environments encourage diverse lot, and the enemies are often the best when it attacked before. Fortunately, strict controls and sensitive roots Rayman will give you all the tools necessary to make the journey from left to right. He is just beginning to be able to sprint and jump, but eventually unlock new abilities such as gliding through the air and walk, walls or ceilings. And no matter how extravagant entire movement, the game will always be exactly on your messages.

It's a good thing, too, because Rayman Origins is a game, deceptively difficult. Although relatively easy to start, the difficulty curve is moved at a steady climb, step by step. Later levels become death traps twisted radial arm saws with oscillating peaks, with monsters and thunder crashes fitted covers. But none of them never feels cheap, you are always placed under control, and feeling the sting from these dangers too narrow, is a very rewarding experience. You never know that they care to repeat all the levels several times and, thanks to the generous use of all control points. The difficulty - noticeable and annoying - but there is nothing artificial.

The only area where the difficulty curve is not in play handful of fights against bosses. In keeping with the aesthetics of the beautiful game uniforms, these creatures are always a sight to behold, but they are inconsistent in her much-inch hit the driver. The challenge has provided by these projections, little is released with the sequence by the. This is a random handful of games in a particularly poignant battle followed immediately after a relatively easy, which is a strange contradiction in a match also very consistent.

Fortunately, the need to fight against bosses do not provide the only relief to play a central platform 2D. A recurring Norman hole to jump on the back of a beautiful rose in anger fly and shoot your way through a series of dangers from pufferfish easily frightened to be heated rockets. These levels are great and feels like a vintage shoot-'em-up covered with a thick layer of Rayman Origins "absurd humor. Other notable examples of the change in the standard formula are levels where you desperately need a goal just as agile and traveling through a fragile landscape to track underwater sea creatures, but deadly.

While all this is a consistent feature is scattered from the origins of a lot of gossip Rayman collectibles throughout the piece of landscape. Wherever you go, you will find things like Lum (game version of Exchange), the hidden challenge rooms, prices and other distributed, are treacherous in places, often to him in conflict with their own survival instincts. Some benefits are purely cosmetic, such as unlock the gathering of sufficient evidence of new character skins. Unfortunately, the progression system-level suddenly becomes very challenging when you cross the second half of the game, forcing you to go back and repeat earlier levels, with most collectibles obsessive attention to detail.

However, repeatedly forced to previous levels, or levels, in fact - it is a completely different experience playing in the local cooperative. Rayman Origins uses a simple system of cooperative muertos-drop-in/drop-out able to run and jump to four players through all levels of the game unique. It is a chaotic multiplayer fun in the risk of accidentally struck by another player breaks the added benefit of an additional worker for the ride.

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If you choose this adventure alone or with three friends approach, the truth is that this is a lot of charm, and fun 2D platform-Experience.Rayman Origins attracts many of the past, but do so while managing to feel fresh and alive. It's worth trip regardless of when it arose.

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