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Mario Kart 7 Torrent ScreenshotA new Nintendo platform can only mean one thing - a new version of Mario Kart is inevitably on the way. So far, this is proven to be a good thing, as the series that launched the genre of kart racing to life prevails. Mario Kart 3DS mark 7 for the latest installment of this franchise for a long time. Added with a handful of amazing new features to the formula, particularly in the online department, MK7 easily recovers its place alongside its predecessors.

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Mario Kart 7 Torrent ScreenshotFor those who choose the series, a run in a list of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, then through a variety of runs for victory. You start with eight options (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, etc.), and eight unlockable by winning first place in all cups in 150cc, the more difficult.


Mario Kart 7 Torrent ScreenshotGet the first 150cc can sometimes be a difficult task and I enjoyed the game I was working to unlock the secret characters.However, I was disappointed by the size of the final list. The last entry, Mario Kart Wii boasted of the 25 playable characters. I expected the same in MK7, but had to pay only 17 this time. Gone with Waluigi, Funky Kong and babies, and many others. Although the game adds some new faces (see the video have started to look at the complete list), it is regrettable that at the expense of losing riders come in the past.


Mario Kart 7 Torrent ScreenshotMost game-options should be familiar to fans of Mario Kart.Grand Prix race with tasks within the eight different cups, consist of four new and four courses from previous games retro.The new courses are well designed and very memorable. Park Music, probably an allusion to Wii Music, a zoom-in on keyboards for and dodging giant notes on the way to the finish line. DK Jungle, was developed by Retro Studios, was in Donkey Kong Country Returns. And the new road rainbow lives up to its name - providing a long journey, full of giant moons rotation and turbulent routes to avoid.


Mario Kart 7 Torrent ScreenshotIncluding gliders and segments - for the first time in the series - the rate may vary from standard strains and new twists on retro tracks. The glider, just when treated properly, you can float in front of the other players to gain an advantage, and some hidden underwater sections provide a key to a supply of coins and artifacts. Speaking of coins, these bad boys again, a great return to the original Super Mario Kart SNES, which added an additional strategy. You can save up to 10 of them during a race, which increases your speed and give a boost to your driver shortly. The gathering room opens up new kart parts. Jet soda with standard wheels and a glider with flowers? Earn enough coins, and this great creation can be yours, to push across the finish line.


However, these additions are not limited to new tracks.The course has a new twist to retro, what should be a pleasant surprise for fans of the series. You can now go underwater beach Koopa Mario Kart 64, or slips through certain segments of the Maple Treeway Mario Kart Wii. It is great to see these familiar places received a fresh coat of paint and some new tricks. The Return of the mirror mode to unlock - happen more help, things and extend the life of the Grand Prix mode - which allows you to run an inverted version of a track.


Innovation is executed surprisingly well Twinning gyroscope controlling a first person perspective.You can switch this mode any time by pressing the top of the D-pad down to return to the conventional control. This puts you in the driver's perspective and allows you to control your kart by tilting the side of the other set. It's amazing how it works. Although I doubt that I never use this method exclusively, it is an absolute blast from time to time to go - up emotion and forces you to see and look at every track in a whole new way. You can even choose the platform of the circle, instead of using gyroscopic controls, you can use the perspective has changed, without the traditional checks. This feature is in theory I have never appealed in practice, but I think one of the most impressive additions to Mario Kart 7 offers.


Some new elements were added to the mixture.The Fire Flower, you can shoot fireballs at the enemy, that they fall short. The queue can beat Tanooki elements and players in your area - must be very narrow, but very rewarding when you consider it really put the shot of a runner and try to catch up with you. The Lucky 7, given a set of seven articles to use as you see fit - Blooper, a green shell, red shell, so a slip on a banana or a bold step and all the rival parties, however, are more balanced than you . think


These new elements are well integrated, and some funny situations along the way. Of course, the inherent problem of balancing the element still lose Mario Kart for the first time I followed a race instead of only to end up with a blue bowl with a blue coat, then ended with a gaff. No kidding. If you play long enough, these events are inevitable, not to mention very frustrating. However, it is this chance, the scripts febrile fat and return to the first, the Mario Kart allowed to play as an emotion. Accidental loss is unfair just something that players with MK in the ticket price for this experience otherwise brilliant career are facing.


Racing is not the only option on the table, of course.Battle Ball is back, but with some important differences. Instead of running for three balloons of your opponents before they get to you, simply use balloons as possible before time runs out. Although I liked this way, I honestly prefer the traditional start-up, it feels more immediate and go ahead and just three balls in a race against death. Currency traders, for the first time in Mario Kart Wii, also makes a comeback. It is similar to the Battle of the globe, but brings you planned in a race to catch as many coins as possible instead. It is a welcome addition, and compensates for the fight of the ball changes a little disappointing.


A player pulls his weight safely - even if the loss of Mario Kart DS Mission Mode is a criminal offense - but by far the strongest part of the Mario Kart 7 must be multiplayer.As usual, you can challenge your friends locally or over Wi-Fi. The game also supports downloadable game, if your friends do not have their own copy by hand. But it is the line that is truly impressive. Each player receives a rating of VR in terms of how they fared in previous races given. This result allows the game to match players of similar skill level. This should help to bridge the gap between newcomers and veteran karting, allow anyone to improve their game without too much ashamed of the way. The ability for an immediate withdrawal of strange just ran against, or to quickly and easily with their rivals in the past or of his fellow 3DS friends list and not make a career on-line process easier and simpler than ever before.


And then there are communities where it is really exciting. You can now create custom groups and with friends and strangers. You can choose a fungus, the Grand Prix of the mirror or single bottle to have scale race - you could wish for karting. I had a great time to come up with tons of local communities and other hard to play by my rules. The only drawback to this otherwise incredible new feature is that personalization even more would have if you can enable or disable a particular position (in the style of Super Smash Bros.). As it stands, but is still very fun to play, and the options available to complete the experience Mario Kart. Taken together, MK7 is the best example of the line in every Nintendo game to date, and I can not wait to see how communities change and develop, once the game is released to the public.


Connectivity between other drivers, Mario Kart is enhanced by the functionality of MK7 Street Pass.In order to view the profile, statistics and rankings are all journeyman RV Karter through the streets. You can even buy ghost data from them and try to destroy their best moments. This is a nice addition, and I enjoyed trying to collect more money than my opponent and won while reading the message and profile "title", the game based on his play. My friend, for example, Shell is clearly a shark. Do you know a guy.


Regarding graphics, 32 courses each offer plenty of eye candy to zoom voice as Karters from race to race.The character models are high-quality animations that made these symbols to increase the Mushroom Kingdom Life. The game offers one of the best examples of 3DS graphics, but maybe not quite comparable with the Earth 3D recently released Super Mario. The 3D effect is more subtle and is perfectly suited to this type. Added depth is, without so much emphasis on 3D is achieved in the way during a hot career.

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Mario Kart 7 marks another return to the franchise for Nintendo kart racing. Although ruin the list of characters that should have been greater, and a cheap Blue Shell nor can an otherwise perfect career, MK7 innovation still provides enough fresh feeling of this old formula. With new songs memorable, gyroscopic controls implemented well, the triumphant return of coins and a handful of new modes, Mario Kart seventh full of win The game is a milestone for Nintendo's approach to online multiplayer and offers an experience that goes beyond the game from another company to date. It is generally well polished experience that fans of the genre of kart - or the Mushroom Kingdom - should not hesitate to pick up.

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