Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Torrent

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Torrent ScreenshotMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is great, not the subject of much debate. As the title of modern metal in third gear of war stealth / action adventure was cold even after its release, and improved, and later with a more refined version of one year. From the original Metal Gear Solid, it's almost as good as it is revered in the saga of Hideo Kojima is. In other words, is a good choice to revive after 8 years. The only questions are whether the port is a good idea, and possibly for the target platform. Known Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, 3DS-Thu improved in many respects its source material. This exploits the capacity of the laptop is laudable, but still some problems familiar and new.

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Torrent ScreenshotServe as a first in the history of the franchise Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater is a CIA agent as "Naked Snake" directed known. This sturdy warriors, are inexperienced, "Big Boss", which serves as a source of genetic resources for the iconic hero Solid Snake. Stories about the origin can be powerful, if well told, and there is no exception. MGS 3 works almost as good as the first entry in the series because it is their goal, and rarely meander meandering thoughts of some claims that paralyzed part of the Metal Gear games.


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Torrent ScreenshotIt must be said that his gallery of characters is excellent, even the snake to his mentor, the boss, and a host of unforgettable, super-soldiers who complete the unit as a villain Cobra known. History is replete with references that itself is estimated relatively new to the franchise-AMS, and are frequent allusions to the history of the real life of this game gives you a sense of the world that some of her colleagues do not. True to all Metal Gear games, the characters have a tendency to stutter and offers his opinion on everything that comes to mind. Directly a part of this work is almost an unfortunate necessity that you care about gameplay have very little dialogue. Do not expect a 40-minute marathon in MGS 4 found but for people at the end of the corset-world scenario as unusually talkative.


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Torrent ScreenshotThe story of Snake Eater is clearly the test of time, but all around is not necessarily the same fate. Graphics, design and control can age, exposing the weaknesses of a game compared to their modern counterparts. Metal Gear title that still holds among many discussions about her family tree 3DS titles. Visually, the game is still great, is incompatible with all but the best the DS has to offer relatively young. The addition of the second screen HUD also keeps the game out of action, resulting in amazingly crisp, clear presentation of the game (albeit on a small screen). This does not look as impressive as Resident Evil Revelations, but also 10 years old and built on a different platform experience. Curiously, when running 3D Konami is good enough to correct all the problems of the frame rate. Be executed, in fact, sometimes the snake appears in slow motion.


Control is a strange situation with 3D Snake Eater. Technically, this port has a higher setting than previous versions. Point and Shoot is now with the shoulder buttons, players can increase their weapons and move while crouching, and the touch screen provides quick access to medicines, food and weapons. However, without the circle pad pro, this game can be very frustrating, with a strange design, and camera control with four buttons on the front of the laptop. This is an extra accessory is a virtual necessity makes the error in the system, and unfortunately hurts the game in the process.


MGS 3 shows its age, even if minimal, design elements, movement and control, especially compared to many modern action games. Snake mobility often seems limited. Expect to fight against the problems crawling and camera, which makes their heads in the most inopportune moments. Environments also suffer from arbitrary restrictions will no doubt prove frustrating. This snake appears ready to climb some ledges and culture dishes is difficult, especially if their research well-designed and strategies impossible. Likewise, if you just make a lot of stealth game based on a "share of camouflage" at the top of the screen-based, the game loses its tension.


However, the basic game is still great, and what worked for eight years, is still addicted. Crawling in the grass and slowly towards its unsuspecting prey is an eternal feeling. The struggle against the bosses are incredibly Snake Eater, the ranking was one of the best in the franchise (or games) never seen before. It is unlikely that you ever had a fight quite like the sniper seen or followed from one end of the agile tree-like creature fear. The lack of realism with weapons is a bit annoying, however. The guards seem balls, at times, take a little of the joy of an ambush.


Apart from hiding, Snake Eater mechanics are around the area of ​​medical practice referred to adaptive camouflage and built to work with the Environment for the starch-based snake. The work to mix up the serpent in its environment is to be set by far the most common of these ideas, as an accessory, and often to protect the confidentiality is respected changed. The intelligent version of 3ds allows players to use the camera system to the textures, which can then be used as capture new models. Although rarely better than the standard set can experiment a bit to do a bypass to the superior abilities.


Snake healing is much more than in the other MGS games nuanced. Receive different types of damage may prevent scar formation, reduces the resistance and even limit the movement of the snake. In the wrong hands, a concept like this would be difficult, making the entire game. This is not the case here. Resistance is similar because the players do, to meet the basic needs of the snake (in this case, hunger) forces. Nothing feels excessively and make everything work perfectly to create a deeper, more complex experience.


Despite some shortcomings of existing and added, the question about Snake Eater - is a great game console. Every aspect of this adventure is designed to be enjoyed couch for a certain period of time. A game can not continue to increase, rather than at the beginning of a place, not for short game sessions. A game that is not have allowed the characters to 15 minutes of talks announced that the bus is just 10 minutes, or when the battery is dying. A game of this huge requires patience and thought to play with skill, not meant to be digested in small quantities. Then there is the simple fact that the 3DS screen is relatively small. Trying to differentiate between a bush and a guardian may be more difficult than it should be.


The argument, Snake Eater on the console of choice would be to ask if it was designed in an original game for 3DS, but since the game to enjoy many of the functions of the system only reinforces what parts of a theater game notebook - titles such as Resident Evil and Super Mario 3D terrain including Revelations. In addition, MGS 3 is released in HD on the PlayStation 3 in a collection recently, and of course the original PS2 is in abundance. In other words, it is very easy to play this game in a better world, if you are willing to deliver are the 3D, touch screen and improved controls - not a small sacrifice.


In many ways the title Snake Eater Metal Gear Solid is perfect. It should be the basic mechanisms of the franchise and the rotation, which for a much longer time and focuses on wild nature and the environment for hidden behind the walls and watching a radar screen. Just as the game's story and the characters are handmade, in a way that the initial AMS-entry, the so-well managed. The addition of touch screen controls and menus, as well as improvements in the overall control system is certainly welcome, a game very well over a decade later.


But the game is not without flaws. The design has its limitations, especially in the face of other more modern offerings. The camera, although it is fully controllable, in the same way, and that you really need the 3DS circuit Accessories Pad Pro is a bit ridiculous. In addition, the game frame rate problems severity a great distraction.

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When the opportunity to play one of the best adventure games, calling the action be assigned to the last 10 years, there is only one question to ask - laptop or console.In the PlayStation 3, you can AMS three games, including this one, more or less the same price as 3D Snake Eater. Certainly there are some differences (especially in the control group), but the fact that MGS 3 is better suited for an experiment at home should not go unnoticed. That is what is in the 3DS is still a great game - the value of your attention, especially if you've never played before.

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