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Tekken 3D Prime Edition Torrent ScreenshotTekken Prime 3D Edition is a joint effort between Nintendo and Arika, the latter for the Street Fighter EX series and repetitions 3D and 3D Classic: Excite Bike. It is clear that the technical performance was a priority in the development, but overall it appears that the amount of content to have to suffer. The inclusion of the Tekken movie Blood vengeance is a passing curiosity at best and not even come close to compensating for the lack of variety in gameplay.

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Tekken 3D Prime Edition Torrent ScreenshotHis greatest triumph, the first frame rate is smooth, which makes the game more exciting kind of justice. It is not necessary to increase the speed for 3D, sacrificing most of the time. The multiplayer is the only exception which automatically from the 3D mode. However, the fact that support for both single permit full frame rate 3D an outstanding achievement. It is absolutely the bar for fighting games in the future in the system.


Tekken 3D Prime Edition Torrent ScreenshotMost models of the characters are exactly like their counterparts in the PSP version of Tekken 6, which is easy to find, in both games share the same list. The 3DS has a slightly lower resolution, but the small screen reduces noticeable difference in the end. The only exception is Heihachi, who gave an opinion on the size, like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Character models are large, detailed and precise. The pictures do not reflect the excellent work he has devoted to the provision of the characters in 3DS, and that really are surfaced with the 3D.


Tekken 3D Prime Edition Torrent ScreenshotIf you've played Tekken game before can expect you to feel at home with the first. The lists of travel are on par with recent entries in the series and it's easy to get lost in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, the small 3DS D-pad buttons, it is difficult to obtain in many of his favorite moves. Using the keyboard, ergonomic circular logic, but Tekken is a game where the controls are very dependent on the address inputs. No clear evidence that the platform is among the lesser of two evils. This is a hardware problem, and the developers have tried this situation so that you can program inputs, or combinations thereof, to fix with big buttons on the bottom of the screen. It works in theory, but actual competitors often do you avoid these shortcuts. That is, if you want to play Tekken 3DS, limitations and possible solutions may a necessary evil that must be endured.


Tekken 3D Prime Edition Torrent ScreenshotSet took a bit of a shock. There is little transparency, little or no animation at any given time, and depth often be minimized by the use of parallax likely to increase the number of polygons manipulated. In general, the design of the secondary stage, the characters feel, that sounds bad, but it makes perfect sense in a game of Tekken, where states generally have little practical effect, game

Behind the design there is a lack of variety that really stands out in a negative sense. No story to speak, and character customization is limited to the range of swaps. Products that are not in the previous games improves the game experience much more, but were omitted from this version. Finally, an adaptation of the entire movie on the memory card and was clearly not the problem.


Arcade mode has been replaced by fast-paced battle, a series of 10 rounds with opponents increasingly difficult. Like what you expect from an arcade mode, but there is a final battle with a boss icon, it is not traditional in this regard. Because there is no story, the scene ends only available credit, which could not meet the definition of most people ends in a game of Tekken.


Local multiplayer works well, no signs of deceleration. Online multiplayer is a different story. In the games we have succeeded, the small sample of users to find the actual play, we experienced a series of results. The game allows you to specify whether you are looking for locally or do not want, but whatever our decision, the delay may occur again and again. This function is highly dependent on individual connection of a user, obviously, it is disappointing to see that there is no indication of signal strength in the selection of the games lobby. Another limitation of the multiplayer is the inability to switch between characters to play online. If you want revenge on local multiplayer, you have no choice but to continue with the same character.


Practice patterns, and survival are essentially bare bones as well. Specific Survival mode is pretty much what it seems: a series of opponents with a health bar that regenerates a bit tackling between rounds. The "Special" designation comes into play, face against opponents who only inflicts damage in a certain way, being beaten in the air. Survival mode is a frustrating challenge, best and worst. There is nothing as proven by 39 laps, only to lose the final battle, because you can juggle your opponent correctly.


The truth is that the rewards the game offers in the form of maps, still images of the characters in the Tekken series. In general, the cards are simply a distraction. There are 765 cards that are in many ways during the battle and survival mode quickly earned. They consist of static images, with varying degrees of depth in 3D view mode, but that's all. You can trade three cards to pass for Street interactions in nature, but if you're a hardcore fan of Tekken more, why bother? That's the wrong kind of motivation is based on consideration of the entire game shown on characters from Tekken in 3D.


Perhaps increases in clothing might be missing as a means to stimulate the fighting and social experiences, if only superficially to have been used. At least have some random interactions in the real world. Although it may be too much to ask, why not have individual characters pass transferable Street hypothetical about that? Talk about missed opportunities. With a pair of aviators, Roger Jr., fared better than an image on the scalp of Heihachi. The key is the scalp, which is not a comment on a particular feature of Heihachi, but a review of the contents of the card number 665t


Finally, and at least acceptable, is the inclusion of Tekken: The Movie Revenge of the blood. The film is actually more suited to the hardcore fans of Tekken. The advantage is that the coding very well made and does a good job to show the potential of 3D movies in the plant. Some people may see the film as a bonus, but taking into account the differences in the content of the game itself is easy to imagine that he to fill gaps, rather than offering a cool bonus provided.

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Tekken Prime 3D Edition is a coherent whole.On the one hand, provides technical milestones for the future of fighting games in 3DS meet. Apart from these achievements, the game leaves much to be desired. If you like Tekken and do not mind The Limits of Control inherent 3DS, the portable multiplayer experience can reason enough to justify the purchase. If you want a fighting game, look that mimics the cell's contents found in the console title, but you should look elsewhere.

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