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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent ScreenshotOcarina of Time: Few games in history have critical praise and worship exuberant as The Legend of Zelda won. When he left in 1998 for the Nintendo 64, Ocarina of Time sets a new standard for action in three dimensions and presented to the gameplay are copied today. Although he has appeared for more than the GameCube and Wii Virtual Console, the new version for the Nintendo 3DS is the first time in this classic has received a major update. Pictures are a complete review of the most notable improvement, and breathes this game 13 years, with a. The modern and dynamic motion control and sharp video track system, the new additions that fit well, but the real star is the original adventure. Despite the signs of aging, is the search for a link is indeed a timeless universe is full of exploration invigorating, challenging puzzles, battle of the agitation satisfying, memorable characters and music. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a great way to experience this groundbreaking adventure is a shining example of how the former can be again.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent ScreenshotThe world of Hyrule was invented several times in The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina, is the visual metamorphosis of Hyrule time but something different. This comfortable city hotel in Kokiri Forest shines with live foliage and the golden rays of the sun, which a certificate is used for enhanced graphics. As with many adventures, the search begins small but rapidly growing its reach, sending in the fields of Hyrule, where the expansive appreciate day to night, and who is the smooth, dark purple sunset purple. From there you can travel to the castle to the town, where for the first time visitors discover a square sleep busy streets. Repeat visitors are the improvements in buildings that make each business to be impressed with life full of good memories. If you take a walk, is that they are now more building interiors furniture, wallpaper, picture frames and jewelry, so some of the significantly enriched.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent ScreenshotThese aesthetic improvements were not achieved by simply made more stuff in there, in fact, the relative vacuum in many areas an opportunity to Ocarina of Time 3D shows the roots of the 64-bit. Villages, fields and dungeons have a feeling a bit low compared to rich environments of many modern games. In spite of this severity, you always have the feeling that I was exploring a fertile world. Keep an eye out for abnormal areas can lead to a fundamental discovery or a great reward, and regular things you can not make heads or tails will often result in your adventure. Although the main task is fairly linear, there are many mysteries to solve, one side) to make calls, and places to discover. If a villager who spoke of rumors about a distant country, and later the ability to get there to see for yourself, creates the feeling that things are connected. If you hear a legend about an object's owner, allowed to see the truth, you have to do a little hunting.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent ScreenshotReturn items is the key to his quest for the land of great evil to liberate. Along with the consolidation of powerful artifacts to acquire an arsenal of weapons, clothing, tools and elements that can help along the way. You get many of them as a necessary part of the trip, but some are just about off the beaten path (for example, help a lady escaped with her chicks). It is a pleasure to build and modernize its arsenal, even if you know where to find the largest portfolio in the world. Some elements, such as the slingshot and the bow will benefit also from the addition of motion control. Correction to one of these weapons in a first person camera view. All you have to do is, the angle to set your 3DS point and shoot. These controls are not only faster than the platform of a circle (you can disable motion controls in the Options menu), but are also much more fun. If you are a target across the room with an arrow is more satisfying than the physical 3DS want, and looking around their environment (an essential skill in Ocarina of Time 3D) is much faster and more easily. The only limitation is that this type of lens is going to make the 3D effect was out of control, but easily by moving the head in sync with the poor or dissolved only by shaking off the 3D cursor.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Torrent ScreenshotWeapons can also be the specific targets with the aim of the acclaimed Ocarina of Time leads mechanical locking year are rejected. This system, which is now widely used in many games, is an effective way to combat that you can focus your attacks on one opponent in particular. It can sometimes be difficult and they need to align the camera needs to get a lock again, but as long as you yourself should at some distance from your enemy before you play with your point of view to emerge as the winner. Although there are strong competitors fight in Ocarina of Time 3D is usually only a challenge. Most enemies can be defeated with his trusty sword and the use of time, evading, blocking, squish with enemies that give a satisfactory or mourn the death as a defeat. Some deaths are more successful than this in other versions of Ocarina of Time was, because the textures renovated your enemies look more threatening. And if you conquer another term in one of the big bosses in their quest, like a visit to his childhood home in the Kokiri Forest, you can fight back in the face of your dreams (a new version of the functionality of 3ds).


The puzzles are more likely to delay the progression of the game, and represent a significant amount of time in the dungeons of the temple and spent a lot of games. At the time of the original version of the adventure in a three-dimensional world was still a new phenomenon, and as such, many of the challenges of spatial puzzles with moving objects around the observer, or a 360 degrees around them. The years have taken the gloss of some of these puzzles, and even beginners will find easy. However, most of the height of the original design is still well preserved, and there is still satisfaction in abundance will be found in the temples of the navigation (even if you've been there). Some parts were difficult and now it is still difficult, but players from Ocarina of Time 3D has an advantage that his predecessors did not. In the game world there are now places where you can receive visions of the challenges ahead. These are video tracks, which show a series of short scenes and find solutions to most puzzles in the game reveal enough to clarify the matter, without having set the result, but if you are stuck still, you can always stop the program , go to the Web browser on the Start menu for an online tutorial.


With a long main quest and a group of other goals they pursue, you can easily spend more than 20 hours from the Ocarina of Time 3D games. The entire trip is shared by the excellent musical score, which is so crucial in the development of that woven into the design environment. The Town Castle energetic tone contrasted with the pastoral gently asleep Lon Lon Ranch. From the joyful rhythm of Goron City Dodongo Cavern strumming sounds float environment lets you know it's serious, as their trips to the western edge of the sheet to exotic tribes unknown to the ear Hyrule. You meet a lot of characters on his journey - the most memorable of which have their own music - and that this relationship deepens their emotional investment in the story. And of course, not the Ocarina. You operate this instrument in times of joy and moments of the test, which it uses to useful items and lashed himself to conjure in a continent. Music permeates every aspect of the game by an epic adventure, and what is to fly.

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When I saw his journey to completion to unlock the Master Quest, a harder version of the same game that you just hit. All rooms are double rooms and a feeling of freshness and unknown. Dungeons and temples are restructured with more enemies and puzzles to test their courage fitted. It is unfortunate that give master quest from beginning to experienced players an advanced point of entry is unlocked, but Ocarina of Time 3D should encourage both young Kokiri and the heroes lost time. Although her roots show through from time to time in order to eliminate any barrier to entry visual effects in this age can be raised. To create the new elements to strengthen the main quest, the final version of this classic game, so that Ocarina of Time 3D on the best way to start (or revive) of this historical adventure.

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