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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotDo not see too often, a fighting game developed for the implementation of a system, but that's exactly what made Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for Nintendo 3DS. Found between fidelity to the original game and ways to be more accessible than ever before, Super Street Fighter not only one of the best games 3DS at the start, but one of the few fighting games that you recommend any really. Just remember to do some sacrifices had to get this on a laptop.

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotOverall, Street Fighter IV 3DS is intact. The 35 fighters in the console versions were made, including characters that are added later. Variables and the color of the dress are also included, which will give players a very strong characters from the beginning - do not expect someone to unlock throughout the game. As with its basic concept, Super Street Fighter is exactly what is expected - Choose your character and face your opponent. You will feel at home when you play an older version of the game 20 years ago or 20 minutes. Quarter circle back to forward, quarter circle, fireballs, spinning kicks and more - the number of giant Capcom is both very familiar at the same time feeling refreshed after spending nearly two decades.


Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Screenshot3DS version of this spirit fairly well, but the game is a little different. Super Street Fighter IV is working with six buttons attack - three hits and three kicks. The 3DS has six face buttons, but both are on the shoulders. In particular, since this is a laptop, by pressing L and R is not always easy and convenient. Capcom has an interesting solution to the division of four touch-screen buttons, the two concepts are completely customizable by Pro-Lite and controllers.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotThe regime Lite allows you to use these keys to complete combos and special moves to perform. Suddenly, the most difficult attacks a breeze, and the game will let you know if these maneuvers are available by they are. Pro mode is limited time only on the distribution of basic keys or push buttons. The idea here is that some players still want the feel of a classic Street Fighter Special Move to experience without links.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotIn my experience, is the way forward Lite. I realize this "fast" execution to alter the concept of a spectacular fight game, but to gain something more important - accessibility. While not being familiar with most of these characters, I could learn and play with relative ease.This concept pick-up-and-Play is not only remarkable for an established franchise that thrives on complexity, it is also refreshing. I want to be able to play this game with any knowledge of the owner of 3DS. Lite mode allows. And frankly, if you really want the authentic experience, I can disable the touch-screen control completely or just play in the console, which is ultimately the experience of the struggle for a better unconditional number of reasons.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotIt is impossible not to compare SSFIV 3D Edition to your console-based premiums. Although the characters and movements have made the transition intact, the game's graphics are a different story. The character models are good enough, and it would be very difficult (especially with the small screen) to see too many differences. Had funds that have great success. In an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, I can move behind the animated characters in my campaign, and some planes are still some elements that have reacted a little to the action on-screen keyboard. All this is not the case here. The characters are static, not even the most basic. Not that you are completely during the heat of battle, but it's always a disappointment.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotTypes of training and challenge and the opportunity to play bonus games have been made, but the most important addition is a more meaningful participation of the main characters. While winning the game or PlayCoins with 3DS pedometer, you will be able to buy, figurines, collectibles. These articles provide the combat statistics and how in a game like Pokemon, you are able to collect, five of them to be ready for the fight as a team.If the system is in standby mode, the 3DS automatically connect with other systems in the vicinity of the battle. The results are counted, and the experience points awarded, and will continue to improve and acquire more data.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ScreenshotCollection and the fight against these figures is nothing like the original game. Unfortunately, the idea is probably a little better in concept than in reality. The menus are a little clunky, and despite many details, the mini-game does not deep enough to really make a lasting impression. It is certainly something I would like to develop in the future, Street Fighter (or Pokémon) would see, even though the games.

Online gambling is a fundamental experience of Street Fighter IV by Capcom, and got a 3DS version of the same thing. Going through several rounds with the final version, I found it easy to find opponents, while maintaining a stable compound proved to be a bit of a challenge. Let's see how they do things when the game is officially released, but I'm a little worried, especially since some of the immense struggle Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fans face.Hopefully Capcom learned their lessons.

Although terms such as online tournaments Super Street Fighter or battles of the team made it into 3DS, players will be able to send a demo of the game with other friends. His players with the Limited Edition (only Ryu vs Ryu) installed on their 3DS able to play together, even if you do not have a copy of Street Fighter. Another charge, however, is the standard functionality allow applicants to request a game, even if you play in arcade mode.

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Transporting a fighting game 360/PS3 laptop comes with a price. Capcom has tried to downplay these sacrifices as much as possible. In some cases, the changes in fact to improve the experience. The addition of touch controls, and in particular how Lite, Street Fighter opens a new audience. In addition to being able to perform the fireballs with a single button is great fun. In other cases these changes for the worse - both static and fund account, you will not want to look elsewhere. But overall this is a great game. Not only is it the best launch game for the Nintendo 3DS, but it will be as a great buy in the next few years.

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