Tales of the Abyss Torrent

Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotIn his short life of the 3DS a number of 3D-enhanced port has had. Of course, some games are finally given a new lease of life with 3DS visual illusion. Tales of the Abyss is not one of those games. However, it is a good RPG as originally was. Equipped with a wealth of content, a good script and a surprisingly dark history has much to offer, even though the focus of their recovery is very poor.

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Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotAuldrant located on the planet, tells the story of the Abyss Luke Fabre, a protected species fon, when the game begins, the family home for his own safety after a hijacking incident left seven years earlier limited. Of course, it's not long before he was ejected from his comfortable life, had some shocking truths about himself to make his friends and the world at large. What is rising rapidly as the phase of the "fish out of water in a little scary, and in true RPG tradition, save the world's agenda is.


Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotAbyss country offers pleasant surprises, and constantly turns by an excellent cast of characters enriched. No tears, space sensible Lucas and Jade, the most mysterious necromancer. Then there's Guy, makes a valiant knight and expert fighting by debilitating fear of women, and Mieu, the little creature named Cheagle which is often the target of the wrath of Luke. Luke himself is very uncomfortable, at least initially, and how entertaining the reef from the other characters, their behavior. At the beginning of the game is laugh out loud funny, even when playing on the concepts of honor, death and trauma. Later the story was much darker, but still shine through the charm and humor, story-telling. It is refreshing to see a central character, managed to see the irritating and endearing and commendable act of his.

Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotThe food is authentic battle histories. The fight takes place in a 3D layer, and the path of an enemy, your character is the standard 2D, with the push of a button, allowing you to lassen.3DS controls run around the arena at will be tight and precise, with the buffer circuit corresponds to the slight feeling of hard struggle. The basic attacks are performed with the A button while the special attacks (art) to the B button can be assigned to the directional pad. Additional art is also on the touch screen, which is especially useful if, for example, a group member uncontrolled use healing spells or magical attack that requires a fee to be attributed.

Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotThe fight itself starts simple enough, but the increased complexity with the addition of high-performance Mystic Arts (for the most unique and special move) and the range of the system Fonons. The system includes FOF colors of the rings seen on the ground. They are powered by the arts, that one of the six corresponding elements, and when they appear, you can trigger a regular attack of Art in its powerful attack to do elementary.Not a great battle mechanics in all respects, is an added feature, when used properly, can have a useful advantage in battle.

Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotEven more important are the nuclei of capacity, the collectibles, which can be equipped on the characters are. These cores to give a character a bonus of the ability of statistics in some areas (different for each core), which means that you equip the nuclei to form their character in any way. A core could improve the character of a regular attack and defense, for example, while others could do the same, but for art. Core competencies and allow characters to develop the abilities of Alzheimer's disease, especially in the form of bonuses, bonuses or special moves that can be on or off, the menu features.

Tales of the Abyss ScreenshotThere is a decent amount of depth, and extends to the game world itself Abyss is a game that does not skimp on the content does not, and besides the main plot, there are many side quests and missions to fulfill. These often have to help ordinary people, and lead to money, property or securities that can be applied to characters to be rewarded for changing their stats and appearance.There is also the system of common kitchen stories you collect ingredients and recipes that can make for food that provides various status effects.

Abyss is a great proof that the stories rpg games age well. The images are sharp and clear, watch the screen, the wonderful little pockets. Unfortunately, this applies only to play the game in 2D. With the cursor in 3D, is a different matter. 3D effects are horrible, with all that cover what in terms of character models with a completely bad. It is obvious that the game was not originally designed with 3D. Dialog boxes floating on the edge of the screen, often at a considerable distance from the characters, confusion about the effect of depth of field.

Then there are the character models that look terrible, with the 3D cursor. They are disorganized, unclear, and the lack of clarity, when the controller is turned off. Experiment with different settings result in 3DS cursor does not produce better results, and the game can be painful to play for a long time. It's a shame, because in the battle of 3D adds depth in the sand, which should in theory clearly the better chance of making the fight against the prospect of a judge, but in reality is a little more of a nuisance uncomfortable. In 3DS version, can not play the battles in collaboration with friends, and while the loss is the multiplayer aspects of minor importance, not much, is another reason for the port can not be called original.

Talks called sketches, which are a staple of the Tales series, here are a bit corny. In other stories, games, provide that a pleasant dialogue, and more into the characters.Here are relentless and often appear one after another in rapid succession, so that with the fire, if you want to see them all and not miss out on the action, yourself, to stop every two minutes to find a different view. They are so charming and funny as ever, but the fullness of the means to them that there is a temptation to ignore this flag bit in the corner. Unfortunately, there is still no English voice on behalf of the pieces, as is the case with the PlayStation 2 version, and it's a little shocking when the game between mirrors dialogue fully expressed and reams of text in the silence. What language edition of the game, high quality, although, as is the soundtrack, the good, sounds even through small speakers 3DS.

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Although he is a rather disappointing port Tales of the Abyss always nice. You do not lose much by simply changing the 2D game and enjoy it for what it is: an amusing version of the hand of a very good set of stories that we have not seen before in this region. But for those who have already played the game on PS2, it is difficult to recommend a repeat purchase if the new core functionality of the game is actively worse. However, an RPG is fun, exciting, with lots of content and worth a visit if you have never played before.

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