Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword Torrent

Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotWith so many games to easily balanced sword falling into the swift rap on the button, you seem to slice and Itty enemy pieces, it's refreshing about one that takes a more strategic approach to fight against reflective tape to come. Sakura Samurai: The art of the sword does not skimp on the old Stabby Stabby, but increases the precision and in a split second on the chaos and the members of the flight. There is a fresh sense of honor, by the enemies of mourning, one after another comes, even if you fight against a large group. It is also easy to get caught in the country, through the rhythmic nature of each battle system of reward and progression.

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Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotIf possible discharges into the way of samurai size when an evil force kidnaps the princess of the country, and the door led to a significant distance. Is a mysterious mermaid you a helpful stimulus for their savior with the sword with the power of the cherry blossom, which are apparently not penetrated too impressive until you convert your enclosed resume into a gust of wind call death to his opponents. The progress in the world map is an iterative process that combines martial succinctly set in sand-closed, as the scenarios with the formation of a strategic nature. The access doors to keep the various parts of the world locked until you beat the residents of goon sir, but you have to cut through an army of foot soldiers to unlock the street after the first.

Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotIn the battlefield, the samurai warrior against an enemy in a close third-person perspective that makes the fight personal. If you are surrounded by a large number of enemy archers, grunts armed with spears, katana-toting samurai, ninja throwing bombs, but also it is automatically locked to with what is to handle it, attack the enemies.They are good enough to take corners, instead of just once loaded, but that does not mean to make these fights. It's a bit like boxing dodge or block attacks and break against attacks that quickly drops all enemy defense of the enemy. Hasty and premature beats are blocked 90 percent of the time, and spazzing only to be killed. Block or blocks too often dulls the Katana faster time to do half as effective until you are sharpened to visit the local shop.

Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotAlthough this form of struggle has the potential to quickly against enemies is like a long boring Samurai Sakura does a good job of switching up enemy types, their patterns of attack and toughness. Precision points also recommend you to improve your skills. Dodge attacks in the last second to points that can function properly in the event to earn additional currencies, despite taking damage sets the counter to zero. It has implemented a risk well relative to the wage system that gives more depth to combat.

Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotSkirmishes with the many steps along the way is sometimes difficult, but, you earn coins on the devices in the surrounding villages and the heart that update constantly improve their health. You feel overwhelmed in some games, but this is a minor setback - frustrating, but overcome with ease. You do not lose money or property, and review of a level could not stop the spit twice the number of rooms and amount of the health of the defeated enemy. It is a natural and intelligent players to help, without ill at easy from the start.

Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotThe villages provide temporary relief of all swing the sword that gives local color to discuss, explore shops and mini-games to try. These necessary pit stops are essential for improving and sharpening his katana and restocking health and elements of power-ups to make it through the main stages longer. You can also relax at the inn and save a little green or participate in the events of skills, as well as cutting melons thrown at you with perfect precision, to earn points to unlock more powers to special attack. Step through the main game mode on a peaceful garden bloom rocks, as they accumulate on the steps with your 3DS is in Sleep mode, a series of timed challenges glove and a campaign mode even harder. They are extras, and make it one of the most choices available on the Nintendo online store.

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Sakura Samurai Art of the Sword ScreenshotAmong the cities and in the forefront of the struggle, the 3D effect enhances the style of presentation, with the prospect of additional depth. Unfortunately, this does not negate the fact that most of battlefield environments are smooth, empty and boring. This is a minor problem if you are in the midst of pain, but still sensitive enough to distract a little vibration. Although it may not be the prettiest game, the fight against Sakura samurai design is impressive, and there is enough lift to stay on the paths to the campaign until the end.This is a relatively short search, but remember, good replay value for those that offer control over their virtual swords.

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