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Cave Story 3D ScreenshotIt took five years of work before Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the sole creator of the original story Cave, the game released as freeware for PC in late 2004. This is an indie favorite, a touchstone to a new audience every year appears, and 2010 saw its first (slightly larger) to ports DSiWare and WiiWare.Cave Story 3D is a port, although it is larger, the original game, which was built for visual 3DS again, in some places, long and narrow.

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Cave Story 3D ScreenshotThe new look, it comes to taste, because the original retro sprites still look fantastic. Cave Story 3D adds depth and detail, re-imagine the characters and the world in a much rounder and firmer. It's like a chibi pop-up book, 3D effects are used to focus on the furniture or the height of one of the towers - and it looks fantastic, both the faithful and surprising.Some landscapes have changed dramatically during the best moments, such as climbing the outer wall of the island an even more impressive, more textured.

Cave Story 3D ScreenshotThe audio has been remixed, what more dangerous ground: the original chiptunes are amazing, with a contagious enthusiasm that recalls the best of the NES era of film music (* cough * Capcom * cough *).Composers know remix, on which side the butter in the pan: this production is in line with the stratification of the songs, so that thrive in an occasional, but sticking to the original line.Updating a classic is not easy, but 3D Cave Story aesthetically the right balance between homage and update.

Cave Story 3D ScreenshotWhat has not changed Cave Story. He wears proudly its debt Metroid on both sleeves: clear in the sound effect when removing objects, is ever more deeply into your world, how great is structured. The areas are interdependent and branch in alternative routes to their own discoveries, that your choices lead to three possible endings, or even a secret world.

Cave Story 3D ScreenshotCave Story has five areas, and several shopping centers and all kinds of mini-blind areas around the edges. As we move through these environments were considered, but always to expand and change completely in some cases. A first visit to Egg Corridor has a number of huge vats above incubation is run across the screen in 3D, and choose a complex path through the head - full of bonus points tempting but risky. After his return, much later, the egg corridor in ruins, his deformed pristine areas in blind alleys and winding paths leading to ever leave for new fields, new discoveries lead.

Cave Story 3D ScreenshotInstead of a number of means to jump and shoot, each department has a different look. Destructible blocks are found everywhere in isolation, but only the area of ​​sand can build complex models with zigzag monster in his pockets, then select whether to climb or jump through. This is a world that is always trying something new: the U-boats, fast, rapid promotion and expansion of safe areas and the snares of death crowded. The only major error in Cave Story 3D is that, once or twice a consequence ruin very well with the slowdown: is not endemic, but it's still ugly.

Cave Story 3D ScreenshotThe main character of robotics (which may include your name or victory Google) is a joy to drive with a vapor-state controls and jump air ship nailed absolutely accurate. It is an unusual mix that meets the physical measurement of the obstacle course perfectly, but from the discovery of all the features that control the robot.

We speak, of course, Big Guns: You can find up to five (10) Weapons, some of which are hidden - but none of them are a must are not interchangeable. Each cycle has three levels to be increased by collecting energy crystals fell and fell enemies take damage.

These rules create a nuclear arsenal ready, always need a little maintenance. The sword is like throwing a butter knife to level 1, level 3, but the ghost of his former teacher is something started earlier and cut everything look strange.The apologetic wimp leaks in its first form, but the levels of bubbles shooting endless wave and can be done to turn around by pressing the - button broken to release it, and everyone pulled forward as a top value. It is more a tribute to Nintendo: Fireball works just like Mario, while the rockets are the love of a mother Metroid recreated until the inertia of light immediately after the shooting, and even the missile upgrade in size.

Different properties, how many hits they move, how far, if rebound when they come, are the key to the revival of Cave Story, if the damage is a concern for the deal.The enemies are in large groups, you ravage instead of the delivery of lethal blows trim organized, but the trick is, before austere blowing debris. Later his unpleasant to sustainable, especially the death of the rabbits projectiles flying insects invulnerable and rugby this address, but levels of health and maintenance of weapons for boss fights is always the priority.


Cave Story to shine boss monsters. Balrog servant recurring facilitates entry, cycling through various forms (including "Balfrog ') and get a kick every time, before the start of the second half of Cave Story, who is in pain. Mental rabbits, sharks, demons, ogres, dragons, mad scientists, with several forms. And I just want this out there, Monster X, a huge machine that traveled on the path of killing a cat, he is a bastard.


Although the brains of test platforms and precision of the heads are steep, where the reflections: the speed to pass through a hole in the hell jump ball - to come in the end, but management application resource: a sequence, the third in a series of pits, and after a few bad start headbanging sessions court this glove approach Rambo as Scrooge.


If it was in the story, the basement would provide a platform game very well. But his greatest creation, the world is a surprisingly original and disturbing. Mimaga the rabbit as a scary and the doctor are important, but some of them are robots that people talk about mushrooms, gnomes and many other unidentified objects humanized. The story is cut into small pieces and briefly presents models for other characters, and although there is a large literature almost striking devastation behind him - no easy solution.


A sense of humor, stupid things to thoughts of suicide in a room makes is a gateway to the dark there. Through trial and error, you stumble across a hidden maze on the screen and eventually reached a deadlock and ... nothing to do Not so: look at the ground, and a pair of pants has a different character. Needless, perhaps, but another part of a puzzle that will never find all the pieces.

This new version is a labor of love, and calls the most important thing that Cave Story. Objectively speaking, this is a 2D game heavily inspired by Metroid. In its details, and in his hands and head, it's a different world altogether.

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If you can read a good book to imagine the events of strong, almost like a memory, but if you play a great game is different. Things are not so fixed. The interaction is not just the fingers, but what creates the mind, is from the music and the atmosphere of an enemy to an enemy, the darkness in a haunted house, or three frames of animation and a text field in the death of a friend. This is a game, a world that invites your imagination to wander, and is much more important in the process.

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