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Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotAnnoy a person 21 years of retirement, provides a rare opportunity for a game designer. Two decades is a time and a half, in terms of game development - to address and thus Masahiro Sakurai has this problem, the third game of the series from Kid Icarus, without the baggage of expectations that most of Nintendo icons in the work of the frame.

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Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotSakurai has always been a risk taker in Nintendo. He developed the prototype of the Super Smash Bros. in secret, knowing that their employers are likely to balk at the thought that her beloved pet to tear each other body in pieces. The same goes for Kid Icarus: Uprising see a creative power, the definition of a Nintendo game to expand.

Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotThis is a game strong and agile as the specific skills and rewards and punishes stupidity reward high scores in a way that any deviation from the publisher has dared in the past five years.Kid Icarus is a game by an opponent - and, just maybe, a sign that the publisher is a little too close to the sun stolen dominant in recent times and is going to fall back on more complex waters.

Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotBut not these commercial considerations could be further from your mind that you, after the tower of green landscapes, shoot bullets in the face of Medusa, up a mile. This is a game with many strings to its bow, but at its base, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a rail shooter style of Panzer Dragoon, Rez, or sin and punishment.

Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotPit, the angelic protagonist, can not without the help of Palutena, cast their magic it through the first half of each phase of the game, your fairy dust takes just 5 minutes to fly, but what does pit point of the struggle for the land of the second half of the level : A section of the rails, giving a precipitate-free control of the dungeon in search of prey, and the director.

Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotThe movement is with the cursor and displays a similar treatment with the stylus on the touch screen. Firing the weapon with a hint of L-defense equipped so that the celebration of the 3DS a little difficult to understand because at the same time, balance and adjust the thumb of his left hand. The cuts on the feet that the needs of many similar control as you dodge and roll with the punches of a needle than for a strong, great conductors. Is it a part of the game that needs the most of your players, the field is in hours, not measured in minutes. (The game also supports the Circle Pad Pro add-on for dual-joystick, which is probably the only way left for the players to familiarize themselves with it.)

Kid Icarus Uprising ScreenshotPerceptions of the environment can be seen, select the 3D effect, the fine details of the Roman cities in the patchwork of hidden fields. Up close, complex models are enemies, expressive animations, and the secret dungeons are full of visual jokes and happy. But compared with the heights of the genre, Kid Icarus: Uprising is on the edge. Nintendo is not seen with the inventiveness of the design time to time in the sin and punishment of the treasure of 2 continues with enemies too repetitive and awkward shifting and driving elements to interrupt the flow.

But the brightness of Sakurai always found in the systems that surround their gameplay - and that's where Kid Icarus: Uprising will be a good game in a major.

The currency of the game is the heart, the confetti thrown into groups for each enemy killed, restoring health, because they are self-collection, and adding a whole level. These cores can in various ways, including the acquisition of new weapons occur. The game is full of Borderlands-like weapons, divine, with diamonds bows to firearms and knives huge granite occupied. Each weapon has both a projectile and melee attack (which operate on the basis of the proximity of the target), and many weapons with special fans and disadvantages of extending its range of options are tactics.

And the development of new attacking options of the former brings a great attraction meta-game to play - both weapons in a forge, a new weapon that keep most, if not combined to create all the fans. Each weapon is assigned a numeric value, showing its overall quality, and how deep in the plains, so the chances of this most powerful weapons in the chest or secrets decreases with the increase occurred, rarely.

Heart is dedicated to the difficulty of the game This is a sophisticated system that has essentially increase the game on the difficulty of each step. Pay more than the heart and the hardness of the opponents score first class, the increase reduces the probability of survival, while increasing the potential gains. This is a wonderful system that other games would do well to copy. Contain certain intensities Gates closed doors to be opened, if the difficulty is above a certain threshold. Behind these doors powerful enemies and rare weapons are hidden. This network of systems increases the replayability of the game to an unprecedented level.

It is, however, introduced more depth and customization of the government, making the collection, in his style of jeu.Ces plugins can be placed, additional functions that can be fitted and activated by touching the touch screen, for example, and restoration of health or auto-target the weak point of the opponent for a few seconds. The forces are represented by the blocks Tetris-style and should be introduced into a network, similar to the bonds in the case of Resident Evil. Leave the room and have a certain power to rely on the set - converted employability Sakurai equipment at their own mini-games classes.

One of the best reasons for buying new weapons is the ability to take their prey online. Two multiplayer modes provide an attraction for exhibitionism. Light vs. Dark is a variant of Team Deathmatch, in which each team connected through the hole of light or darkness, respectively for the last few minutes of the game. As a balancing factor, the better the quality of your weapon of choice, the more successful the result of his team while dead. This is a perfect and elegant solution that correspond to players, the quality of their prey with the quality of their skills needs. The additional mode is a straight line Free-For-All, with an enviable salary heart for the player with the highest score after the game.

The number of additional features goes on and on. Weapons can not be gems to be traded with other players while away from home through passport Street, 120 'achievements' unlock new weapons and abilities, as they are received, the collection of idols can win with the release of eggs from the air. The huge amount of content in order to win and enjoy the spirit Dizzies.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is a game that is strong enough, was an essential element in the surrounding infrastructure. Your system tissue, which transports to be repeating the steps over and over again is the sense of progress and the acquisition of a strong bond, irresistible. More importantly, reveals a Nintendo have not seen for some time, concentrating the desire, in a way to innovate will keep fans on the competition, the struggle and dominance.To new heights.

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