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VVVVVV ScreenshotVVVVVV Terry Cavanagh is a game in a love match. The science-fiction story of six residential space in science (whose names begin with the letter V) moves into another dimension is ridiculous, but the premise is reasonably short retro 8-bit aesthetic. This presentation Cavanagh request, the joint convention with a sense of tongue-in to see wide-eyed wonder.

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VVVVVV ScreenshotWhen it was discovered that it takes from one end to the other side of the screen was explained that "inter-dimensional disturbances." The first time a scientist sees a checkpoint, suggesting that brought on board the vessel for analysis. When the Atari games like Asteroids and Centipede seemed embarrassed by their stories, build an absurd Cavanagh design to complement the environment. These analytical thinking and low-fi visuals evoke sci-fi classics such as The Twilight Zone or the son of the outer limits, a time when computers were the size of the apartments, and even the simplest games were dreams.


VVVVVV ScreenshotVVVVVV is sharper and more modern than its inspiration, apart from the archaic symbols of the real part of the eighties.The design looks something like like Metroid, Samus' debut, but presents the player with an open world to explore, it really was just a little open, with a number of obstacles that block a lot of their property until the work appropriate equipment was found.

VVVVVV ScreenshotVVVVVV not bother with the updates. You only have a capacity of the entire game. With one button can turn gravity can rotate blankets on the floor and vice versa. Where most games today are the players around the nose or the place locked the doors, it appears that you have to be revised later, the labyrinth is fully accessible VVVVVV condenses after a brief tutorial. This lack of guidance means that you can literally lost in space, but manageable and chain relieves knit group of hindsight, while boldly where no man has ever seen.

VVVVVV ScreenshotWhichever way you go, welcome the challenges of the platforms very difficult. As a Super Meat Boy, requires almost every step precision and a false step will be to see the body of his captain's pixelated spatial reborn in the most recent checkpoint.Fortunately, these common symptoms are fortunately almost every screen. It is not uncommon to fail dozens of times in a single bound, but the death penalty is so low that only rarely frustrated.

VVVVVV ScreenshotEach region is different, with new ideas that offer money for the work of the severity of a button. In a section of the edges of the screen head on the opposite end is the correct output, while the other is a companion mission is in the office to run to you when you are on the ground, but completely ignore your presence when you are on the roof (of course from the School of Arkham Asylum observation). Another level is a full tooth vertically movable elevator.

Surprisingly, the most likely threats are posted screens with their own clever title from the creators of Bennett QWOP Foddy. Screen after a dive off a cliff called "I Changed My Mind, Thelma" and perhaps most difficult challenge of the game is a multiplayer option screen full of broker Peak, entitled "Veni", "Vidi" and "Vici".

VVVVVV was released on PC in 2010, and this port is a very strong conversion 3DS. Do you have to show the card at a time, the lower screen is an advantage in a game of draw of the unknown. Other additions are a variety of levels of users, some of which are remarkable for an independent developer and creator of Minecraft Markus "Notch" Persson is created. 10 of them were already on the PC, but eight are new to this edition.

Unfortunately, no level editor (although Nicalis, the editor of that port, said he would like to add) and the 3D disappointing in a game with funds mainly black. Between this and the top of the screen box column, VVVVVV takes so little of the unique capabilities of the system a bit worried that it is not been on DSiWare for those who have not taken on the last hand-released Nintendo.

In addition, at the time of writing in the flip mode, which are said to reflect the vertical world, this is broken and the player with a blank screen. This technique is a known issue that should be corrected prior to launch in Europe, scheduled for this month.

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Despite these observations, it was a beautiful harbor is a wonderful platform game. Easily switch between punishment and sadistic freedom without limits, providing more pleasure VVVVVV every moment in his campaign just two or three hours, that most games at least four times the length. Although not to be conspicuous, long, or for the faint of heart, is those who have an affinity for old-school difficulties and new checkpoints can indulge in the past tribute Cavanagh teach their contemporaries a thing or two HD.

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